Jennie Louie

Engineer | Software Developer

A Little About Me

I'm a developer, former environmental engineer, handicrafter and donut enthusiast. After stints in academia and consulting, I now use coding and app development as outlets for creativity and practical problem solving.

My overall goal is to create tools and services that help non-profit, small-business, educational and environmental organizations.


I am currently a software engineer at Teespring, working mainly in Ruby/Rails.
I learned the fundamentals of object-oriented programming and web development through a 3-month immersive program that focused on Ruby, Javascript, jQuery, Coffeescript, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, Rails and RSpec.

Featured Projects

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    Designed for crocheters and knitters, Stitcherdoodle is a pattern parsing and formatting app that tracks project progress with a user-friendly interface. Take a look
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    My very first app, Walktopus is a Google-map-based app that creates a streetview slideshow of a walking route, from the walker's point of view. Take a look

Other Notable Work

As an engineering researcher I evaluated emerging water treatment technologies, namely surface-modified reverse osmosis membranes. You can see an abstract of my Ph.D. dissertation here.

Please check out my LinkedIn profile for more details on my professional experience as an environmental engineer and consultant.


Contact me via LinkedIn.
Updated: March 12, 2016